User help pages contain bullet-point summaries of common medical subjects. They are designed to be used as aides-memoire and include:


We use UK English spelling; there are some exceptions in the cases of proper nouns (for example, World Health Organization).

Common icons

We use icons including:


Important principles, things to remember.

Warnings, hazards and pitfalls.

PDF document.

Word document.

Rich text Format document.

Plain text document.

External links

We work hard to provide external links to sites that are relevant and reliable. We receive no remuneration or other benefit for posting external links. We generally present lists of external links in order of relevance or alphabetically, which ever is appropriate in the particular context.

By default, external links open in a new browser window or tab.

External links look like this:

Using EMR inserts

  1. Open the EMR template from the list.
  2. Modify the template by adding or removing text inside the text area.
  3. Click the button to copy the text to your clipboard.
  4. Paste the text into your EMR system.

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Changing text size

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